OpenSource is fantastic

My two sons where beginning to show some interest in having their own website – being sons of a webdesigner do change they perspective of what’s important in life!

Usually I design websites using the opensource product PostNuke, but that seem a little too much for such a small task. Instead I crawled the internet and found another solution: CMSimple!

It’s much smaller and doesn’t need a database. It’s all contained in one single html-file, some of which is cleverly hidden so only part of it is shown. It’s extremely easy to use, so it’ a perfect match for my kids.

Fredag i sommerhus

Er det fredag? Ja, det er det! Og ellers kan du lige tjekke med Jeg sidder i et sommerhus med den udvidede familie på

Black and white photo of silhuettes, one pointing in a direction


Prøv lige at finde den fornemmelse, når nogen kalder dig noget andet. Martin i stedet for Morten, Anna i stedet Anne. Eller noget nedgørende som